Friday, November 18, 2011

I’m THANKful That I Live In The 21st Century!

I’m THANKful That I Live In The 21st Century Because....

Technology in general
It's amazing how quickly it evolved and people still manage to take it to the next level!!!

Social Media/Internet
we wouldn't have facebook, twitter, blogger, shopping sites.....

although I've learned how to read maps thanks to my dad!!! I find it sooo much easier to use a GPS =)

seriously it's awsome!!!

Advance in Medicine

I can get more personal and detailed but I'm going to leave it light !!!

Hope you lovely bloggers have a fantastic weekend =)



  1. I'm so with you! Even thinking back to the first computer my family had. When we would use those free AOL internet cards and then write down the minutes we used so we wouldn't go over and have to pay for it haha. Times sure have changed!

    Happy Friday :)

  2. haha what would we do without a GPS!!!

    haha so funny

    have a great weekend Mily!

    *___000000000000000 XoXo
    *_____00000000000 Melina

  3. living in the 21st century certainly has its perks! i don't know what i would do without the internet!

  4. Seriously if the lights go out for more than 30 nanoseconds I am freaking out.

    ♥ Shia


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