Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dressember!! A month of dresses.

I found this idea on a blog i don't even remember which one. I was browsing around and came across this.
Were you only were dresses for the month of December.
How cool is that =)
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If you click on the image below it'll take you to Blythe Hill blog. Follow  her!!! Her blog is amazing.
Anywho, I decided to participate and see what happens!!
Hope you all join in on the fun too.

Dressember is: a month of dresses
The rules are simple: wear dresses all month long
(with exceptions of  pajamas, work-out, job requirements..)
You're allowed to repeat dresses
You are NOT allowed to wear skirts
(unless it's over a dress)
Take pictures each day and post them daily weekly on your blog and to flickr group page
If you like what you're reading, then email with subject line "Yes to Dressember!" 
and of course your blog url

This is largely on the honor's system.
No taking multiple pics of yourself on the same day,
then prancing around in pants the rest of the month! 
That would be cheating. Duh.
Besides, you'd be missing the spirit of Dressember:
reclaiming/embracing/celebrating femininity!
And just being fun and not taking life so seriously all the time. 


  1. haha i can't picture myself
    wearing dresses everyday!
    so good luck love can't wait
    to see your outfit posts!

    happy hump day!


  2. milly! i'm so happy to see you're doing dressember too. thanks for the blog love - always love to hear when my ramblings make someone smile. :) can't wait to see all your dresses!


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