Hello I’m Michely. 
I also go by Mily or Mimi. Weird I know. I don’t know why I have two nicknames. I just do and they stuck around! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. It means a lot to me. There’s no exact topic here. It’s pretty much where I document my personal life and a little bit of everything else. I’m a 20 something blogger born in a beautiful town called Caraguatatuba,BrazilRaised in the place I call home to this day, Maryland.
I have a daughter, Little Miss, who means everything and more to me!

I like living in a place where I get to see the seasons change! 
I love autumn. 
October is my favorite month!
Green is my favorite color.
Loyal Dallas Cowboys fan.

Our family dog is the greatest! He’s a friendly giant.

My biggest passions are traveling, photography and baking.

I dream of traveling the world. 
If I could go anywhere right this second I would go to Santorini, Greece.

I want to live in Europe for a year, a small town with lots of history.

I aced all my High School English courses. My sophomore teacher once told me that she hopes I major in English. I ended up majoring in Business not sure why since I literally despise math. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit.  

The only time you’ll catch me drinking coffee is at Starbucks and it’s a frappuccino or a latte! Otherwise, you’ll see me with a cup of tea and maybe some cookies.

I love hearing or reading about love stories. They never seize to amaze me. I’m a sucker for anything romantic. To this day I still believe in happily ever after.

I’m a simple, easy to get along with person. I hate confrontation! I hate drama. I try not to hold grudges. I believe laughter is the key to having a long healthy life and to smile more often even when you’re sad. I promise it will make you feel just a tad bit better. I don’t think anybody should go to bed angry. My life is a roller coaster but I only get one chance at it and I plan to make the best out of it. I don’t know where I’m going or what I plan to do but I do know that it'll be worth every second of it.

I hope to live in a farm style home with a wrap-around porch, a bright colored door, bay windows and a large backyard with white fence.

Hope you stay awhile.