Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I’m THANKful For My Hometown!

 I’m THANKful For My Hometown!

This is probably one of my most favorite topics
I get to write about two places that a grew to love and call home =)

The first place is where I was born and raised until I was 7 years old!!
It's where half of my family live and it's paradise.

Caraguatatuba Sao Paulo in Brasil
also known as Caragua

I wish I knew more about the local places.
 The forest - Serra do Mar is how you get to the city below. They start of as dual lanes and eventually become single lanes. It has a high population of tourism in the summer ( Brasil summer)
 We have a total of 17 beaches along the coast. It's pretty much amazing!!

I've always been curious how life would be to live by the beach. =)

and then where I've been raised up until now
Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, Damascus
All in Mongomery County
We moved around a lot but the State is what I love!!

We're famous for our Chesapeake bay blue crabs

There's so many places you can visit but my personal favorite's are:
Ocean City
Assategue Island
Chincotegue Island

We're minutes from downtown DC, Virginia

Famous faces from MD:
Babe Ruth
Frank Zappa
Francis Scott Key
David Hasselhouf
Jada pinket Smith
Ana Faris
Penn Badgley
Mike Rowe 

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak of the places I call home =)


  1. Yay for CI & AI! My two favorite places in the world. I've definitely been through your hometown quite often. And how about Brazil is gorgeous! I would love to visit someday :) Great post!

  2. aww love
    you have no idea how bad
    i been wanting to go to Brazil
    i have many friends and family
    that go there for the summer ..
    ill definitely have to go visit!


  3. Holy. Crap.

    I think that's all I can say. GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for linking up!


  4. wow! what a beautiful place you live in. I would love to come there someday!

  5. Awww it sure looks pretty!!
    Heck, it's gorgeous, not pretty!!!

    Great place to come from, that's for sure!

  6. I have never been to Brazil but I've always wanted to go! The closest I've been is Ecuador, which was beautiful. Do you go back to Brazil often?

    I live in Maryland too! I live in Howard county, so we are neighbors practically. How funny!

  7. very cool! two different yet awesome places for "home"!


  8. Awesome! I loved Ocean City! Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. love those pictures! it looks beautiful!!

  10. That is so exciting that you got to experience Brasil for part of your life. The beaches and the mountains look amazing.

    I love MD and have some family there. I have many memories from OCMD from when I was a kid. I also love Annapolis!

  11. I think you win the award for the most exotic hometown! So cool!


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