Thursday, November 10, 2011

101 in 1001

I've been seeing this around numerous blogs and finally decided to do my own list. 
Putting it down in here so I can look back whenever I need to and be held responsible to complete it.
The list is as follows in no particular order....

I started some of it today 11/10/11 - Day 1

1. Build a Gingerbread house - In Progress
2. Meet an online friend in-person
3. Make 5 new friends
4. Run a 5k
5. Read 10 classic books (any ideas??) - In progress
6. Try 5 new foods
7. Make friendship bracelets - Completed 11.30.11
8. Watch the sunrise and sunset at the beach
9. Send a secret to postsecret - In progress
10. Make a family tree
11. Bake THE infamous rainbow cake
12. Find out my blood type
13. Donate blood
14. Pay for the person behind me at a drive-thru
15. Get a piercing
16. Carve my name on a tree - In progress
17. Make a wish on 11/11/11 at 11:11 =) - Completed
18. Improve my posture
19. Watch a movie at a Drive-in
20. Go snowboarding
21. Host a dinner party
22. Plant a tree
23. Learn to surf
24. Visit a winery
25. Have a spa day
26. Don't watch TV for a week
27. Go a weekend without internet
28. Go to 10 restaurants I've never eating before - In progress
Piola's 12.1.11 
Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro  
29. Send flowers anonymously to a friend that needs a pick me up
30. Watch 10 classic movies (ideas???)
31. Get a hot stone massage
32. Complete 365 day photo challenge
33. See a film at IMAX - Completed
34. Spend a rainy day in pajamas's watching films
35. Go to 5 different museums ( I live by DC)
36. Take a dance class
37. Learn CPR
38. Learn to identify the 10 constellations
39. Have a Pixar movie marathon
40. Write my name in the sand
41. Attend a 4th of July parade
42. Watch a Revolutionary war reenactment
43. Buy a better camera
44. Attend a flea market
45. Learn to be a good swimmer
46. Get SCUBA certified
47.  Drink 5 cocktails I never tried before
48. Take a cake decorating course
49. Go on a road trip
50. Take a cooking class
51. Visit NYC
52. Make a video about a typical day in my life
53. Say yes to something I wouldn't normally do
54. Move out of my parents house!!!!
55. Become flexible
56. Take yoga classes at my gym
57. Start attending gym again
58. Dye my hair an outrages color
59. Get a luxurious manicure/pedicure!!! not the ones we get at the local mall or strip mall
60. Go snorkeling
61. Keep a "my day in 6 words journal" for 6-12 months
62. Donate an entire paycheck
63. Visit Delaware
64. Go horseback riding
65. Join a book club
66. Go rock climbing
67. Fly a kite
68. Go ice skating
69. Take pictures in a photo booth
70. Have professional pictures taken
71. Go apple picking
72. Get a Christmas tree at a farm and not Home Depot or Lowe's - Completed
73. Make pizza from scratch
74. Put away $5 for every task completed into savings
75. Get a college fund started for Little Miss
76. Do volunteer work for a charity
77. Participate in  charity run
78. Complete a half marathon
79. Loose 10 lbs by end of January
80. Loose a total of 35 lbs at the end of 1001 days
81. Eat healthier
82. Be a vegetarian for a month
83. Get fit/toned
84. Gamble at a casino
85. Go fishing
86. New bedroom
87. Go on a roller coaster for the first time ever
88. Grow my hair long
89. Buy a jogger stroller
90. Participate in a mud run
91. Find a work out buddy
92. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
93. Write a letter to me to be opened at the end of 1001 days
94. Make a meal/dinner by myself
95. Take my dog running
96. Get our dog leash trained (wish me luck)
97. Complete a 1,000 or plus puzzle and frame it
98. Take a photography 101 class
99. Ride my bike more often
100. Drink water everyday
101. Make another 101 in 1001 List

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