Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh Charlie.

I've realized that I don't have a single post on our family dog. So, here's his story.
We adopted Charlie from my brothers childhood friend because his other dogs didn't accept him. Poor thing, Charlie stayed at a friends house until we my brother came home one day with him and noboday could say no after spending a few hour with him!!! He was a few weeks old when we took him in but I don't have any photos of him that young. He is 4 years old as of October.
FOr those wh omight ask he is an albino Doberman. We didn't cut his ears we like it just as it is!

Say Hi to Charlie!


  1. ok seriously thats the
    cutest doberman ever!
    i had one in Argentina
    he was brown .. and my
    parents took him away from me
    because i was too little to take
    of him and not only that .. he
    did not have enough space in
    our backyard .. =D your dog is
    super cute!


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  2. I've never seen an albino dog before! Wow. He's really cute.


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