Monday, October 17, 2011

time flies...

 This weekend was girls night out!!! 
My friends cousin was visiting from Brazil so we took her out in DC

On Saturday we started off at Third
and had 4am breakfast at Ihop. 
She had chocolate chip pancakes for the first time EVER!! 

I wish I had taken pictures this weekend but on Sunday we had chili and Alfredo pasta for lunch at my friends house then her cousin missed her bus back to NJ so we ended up going to DC in the evening. It's so beautiful there at night I'm always there during the day so it was a completely new experience going to the national mall at night!! I actually visited the Lincoln memorial for the first time. It was amazing!!
We went to Piola for dinner and drinks afterwards!!! Best pizza ever!!! Hands down...

and now we're back to Monday...

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!!!


  1. I am terrible at planning girls nights out and even worse at showing up for them.


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