Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday update and so forth....

I've been a BAD blogger this past week -__-

I've been really busy...
I had evening classes that ended Thursday we even had a potluck!!! 
We've been remodeling the house{feels like it's taking forever}
a lot of carpet removing and gosh I hate removing carpets it smells horrid and all the staples you have to remove afterwards left blisters on my hand =' (

I finally bought mines and jbuggies Halloween costume. 
I'll post pictures up after Halloween

and now birthday updates a week later
sorry for the lack of pictures my batteries died O__o

 dinner at The Melting Pot

birthday cake minus the sparklers candles and champagne with la familia

buoni amici

fondue quesoooo...
 fondue CHOCOLATE makes me happy

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!!


Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!!

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  1. Hope your bday was a look gorgeous in that top!

    ♥ Shia


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