Friday, September 9, 2011



Well sort of...

We moved a year ago to a more rural area or in better words more hidden from society
Our neighbors have horses, roosters, chikens, cows and who knows whatelse....

In our old place our dear Charlie took a lot of walks.
He even found his way home one day when my dad let him loose at the park and couldn't find him afterwards

 Where we moved to has A LOT of ground to let's say explore.

When I took the recycle and trash out this afternoon our beloved canine decided he'd take a stroll.
A mid-afternoon walk.
He's used to being outside and not running away.
 Our yard isn't fenced in but we NEVER had to worry about that.

When I called him to come inside there was no Charlie running towards me
I go to the backyard thinking maybe he's taking care of business
NO Charlie
I go inside thinking he's already there
NO Charlie
I double check outside and inside the house
NO Charlie....

 I panick
freak out
walk in circles like a idiot
not knowing what to do
and call my dad to find out Charlie likes to roam into our neighbors yard and chase deers or whatever animal.

2 minutes later ....
Comes Charlie all happy face that he discovered a new place to run around like crazy

Not so happy with all the space here.

At least at the end of the day Charlie is back home

Hope you all had a better Friday than I did!!



  1. I am so glad to hear he came home...I was on pins and needles reading this. My friend at work came in upset last week. Her dog basically had done the same thing. Wandered off...had a grand old time and came home. She of course was a wreck the entire time. I have a dachshund and once she got off the leash and ran toward the busy road. She stopped to sniff a candy wrapper someone had probably thrown out their window and I scooped her up...I cried and cried. She was of course was unaffected by the trauma. Dogs ...but we love them =)

    ♥ Shia

  2. awwww i am glad to hear he
    is back home safe!

    sucks when they scare you like that for nothing
    :) dogs will always be dogs lol

    i hope you are having a fantastic saturday!

    follow me

  3. Gah! I would freak out! don't you love how they come in back all happy like it's no big deal? lol.


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